Episode 1: Redstone basics



Minecraft 1.3.2

Upcoming features: Item frames & flower pots. Via suggestion thread on reddit


Redstone Basics

Chad takes you around a tutorial world based on Tavirider’s World of Redstone, with updates to include pistons and such.

Feel free to check it out for more gate designs.

Minecraft wiki page for Redstone Circuits




Rei’s Minimap

Magic Launcher


5 Responses to “Episode 1: Redstone basics”
  1. Agressor7

    Absolutely love Magic Launcher! I’m going to watch every episode to see all the new cool things going on in the MC Community!

  2. MarkTerrazzino

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if you are going to cover the 360 version at all. That is the one I play mostly.Great Idea. Any suggestions on how to make a mobile switch to change your destination for different places on the map. Last thing where do you put the mods so Magic launcher can see them. Thank you The show is great. I learned a lot. looking forward to the next show!!!

  3. jdmurray

    I heard you plug OMGCRAFT on TWiT (twit.tv) and thought I would check you out. I need to get savvy in redstone. I really like this tutorial and that you made the world available for download. I also need a redstone wool and Mooshroom harvester. Got an episode like that coming up? Thx.


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