Spotlight: InstantMC


I’ve got a way for you to instantly set up a server for you and your friends to enjoy! Seriously…instant! It’s like magic.

I completely understand that starting your own server can be difficult to do. You need to think about RAM, Bandwith, opening up ports – it can be a huge headache. The spotlight I have for you today is not a permanent solution, but is great if you want to hang out with your friends for a night.

It’s called InstantMC.Here’s the idea: you go to and click the Giant Minecraft Grass Block. A server is then generated, and displays as IP address for your server. You can keep that server for 24 hours until it gets deleted.

This has it’s limitaitons: it has half a gig of memory, only 24 people can connect, and it will get deleted after an hour of inactivity or when the countdown on the website ends.

When it gets deleted…it’s really deleted. There are no backups and no option for you to download your Minecraft save. So if you decide to use InstantMC, keep in mind it’s mostly for use as a temporary solution and not a permanent server.

Though there is no actual console, the webpage does have a text box where you can send commands to the server.


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