Tip: 4 Minecraft Server Tips


You play on servers, right? Here’s four server tips you may have not known about.

First, let’s talk about what’s new about the server list in 1.7. You can now hit the F5 key to refresh your server list just like in a browser.

Next, are you trying to avoid someone you’ve been playing with? Me too! Now you can see who is online without actually joining the game. Just hover over the amount of players online and you will see the usernames of everyone logged into the server.

Third is a tip I covered in our shift episode, but it’s so awesome let’s talk about it again! Once you have added servers to your server list, you can rearrange the order of them by holding down shift and moving them with your arrow keys!

Finally is a tip for the server admins out there! In 1.7 you can add server icons that show up right in the players client in their server list! Just upload a 64×64 PNG titled “server-icon.png” to your server folder and BAM…it’ll show up right in the client.


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