Tip: How to Break Bedrock in Minecraft


Bedrock, the thing that’s impossible to break in Minecraft. Or is it? Chad has you covered!

Bedrock is a block that is impossible to break with tools or pisions if you are in survival. It showes up in a few places, at the bottom of the overworld, and at the top and bottom of the nether.

Breaking beadrock at the bottom of the world doesn’t make a lot of sence becasue you can’t place blocks on the underside of the world.

But building on top of the nether is a interesting thing. Once you breack through the bedrock layer the top of the nether is flat, with no obsticals and you can build on top of it. That, with the fact that when you travle one block in the Nether you move 8 blocks in the overworld makes this the perfect place for far reaching travle systems or rail lines.


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