Spotlight: Minecraft Hats Mod


In Minecraft, Mojang has given us stats, bats, and cats. But you know what we’re still missing? HATS!

The mod is super simple to install, it requires forge so don’t forget to have a Forge client downloaded and ready to play.

The mod installs itself with 78 hats right off the bat. It includes hats created and named after the contributers to the mod, and also other fun unique treasures.

If the 78 hats it includes aren’t enough for you, you can browse more hat models and install them into the game at


To acquire hats in survival mode, mobs will occasionally spawn with them and once you kill them, you unlock the hat. In creative mode, you have access to any hat. Click “H” to open your hat inventory. In your Hat inventory, you have several options on the right, including removing, colorizing, and favoriting.


Download the Hats mod at:


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