Tip: Unbreakable Minecraft Tools


Durability in Minecraft is so overrated. Let’s get rid of it with tools that will never break!

Command to use:

/give @a minecraft:diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {Unbreakable:1}



This can be increadably powerful. Although it is really complicated.

5 Responses to “Tip: Unbreakable Minecraft Tools”
  1. Vincent

    I guess you learn something new everyday. Thx

  2. John

    Now that I know this tip here`s what I made: A Budder (gold) kingdom/paradise for me and SkydoesMC w/ unbreakable Budder Swords, Picks, Armour and more!

  3. Moriarty

    Check out dragnoz’s video dandelion of death to chand things such as attack damage

  4. luc

    cant wait till this is posible on xbox/ps3 if it can be posible cause that will be increadable


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