Tip: Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft


What s the fastest way to travel in minecraft? Learn with this countdown.

Of course, as always the Mindcraft Wiki has you covered.



Blocks Per Second

Sneaking Flat terrain 1.3
Swimming Still water 2.2
Saddled pig Flat terrain 4
Walking Flat terrain 4.3
Sprinting Flat terrain 5.6
Minecart 1/4 slope track 7.1
Boat 1/4 slope rapids 4.8 to 7.3
Boosted pig Flat terrain 8
Flying (horizontal) Creative 10.8
Horse* Flat terrain ~13.6 to 14.1
Ender Pearl Flat terrain 16.6


  • Speed Potions interestingly don’t affect how fast you swim in water.

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