Tip: Set Up Your Own UHC in Vanilla Minecraft


Ultra Hardcore…the most hardcore of the hardcores. Learn how to set up your own UHC in vanilla Minecraft!

Asdjke’s Great “Insta UHC”

List of commands

/gamerule naturalRegeneration true Turns on UHC mode
/scoreboard teams add green Green Adds green team
/scoreboard teams add red Red Adds red team
/scoreboard teams add yellow Yellow Adds yellow team
/scoreboard teams add blue Blue Adds blue team
/scoreboard teams option green color green Sets green team color green
/scoreboard teams option red color red Sets red team color red
/scoreboard teams option yellow color yellow Sets yellow team color yellow
/scoreboard teams option blue color blue Sets blue team color blue
/scoreboard teams join green @r[c=2] 2 random players on red
/scoreboard teams join red @r[c=2] 2 random players on red
/scoreboard teams join yellow @r[c=2] 2 random players on yellow
/scoreboard teams join blue @r[c=2] 2 random players on blue
/spreadplayers 0 0 500 2000 true @a Spreads teams 500 blocks away from eachother within a 2000 block radius from 0 0

/spreadplayers <spawnpoint x> <spawnpoint z> <how much away from eachother> <max radius> <respect teams?> <who?>


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