Tip: Get a Higher Frame Rate in Minecraft


Increase Your Frames Per Second!

In Minecraft

  • Most of the following suggestions are configurable in the game’s Options menu, accessible by pressing Esc.
  • Turn down your render distance. (default keys: F3 + F)
  • Set graphics from Fancy to Fast.
  • Turn off smooth lighting and clouds.
  • Set particles to minimal.
  • Minimize any programs in the background and close any internet browser. (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, etc.)
  • Disable sound effects.
  • Make sure no other programs are running while Minecraft is.
  • Hide the HUD by pressing F1.
  • Looking at the sky has also been known to increase FPS. However if you are deep underground, looking down toward The Void may also.
  • If in multiplayer, hold down Tab ?. This will show the online players. The more players, the more lag there will be, so this could be a problem. Note that this is mostly network lag rather than FPS processing. Try playing on singleplayer.

Outside of Minecraft

  • Make sure you have RAM available (in a program such as a task manager), else your computer may swap to disk, which will cause Minecraft to slow down by a lot.
  • Do not run other CPU or GPU-intensive programs while Minecraft is open.
  • Turn off Aero in Windows Vista/7.
  • Update graphic card drivers and make sure antialiasing and anisotropic filtering are turned off in the driver settings.

Optifine Download

Minecraft Wiki on bosting FPS


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