Spotlight: 10 in 1 Minecraft Map


Need a Minecraft map that is versatile and fun? Play with your friends on 10 in 1!

Download the map:

Aureylian’s Play-through:

Generikb’s Play-through:

5 Responses to “Spotlight: 10 in 1 Minecraft Map”
  1. nmt02

    you could play this with Aureylian!

    do you know any server that has a building game minigame that you can play. love you videos both on this channel and on your other.


  2. Christian

    Omgchad what is the easiest way to make a server for free

  3. Justin Washburn


    How do we make actual mirror in minecraft

  4. Rafael

    Is hero-brine real plz tell me I’m your biggest fan

  5. No name

    This looks like so much fun! I definitely want to try it.


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