Episode 19: Craft On!



Christmas surprise: Chests turned into gift-boxes! (the skis.png? Totes false). Also on Christmas day over 70,000 new accounts were activated! It even took the e-mail off-line.

Extra credits:

Blendermf for the 3D animated Chad in intro, djm for the intro voice-over!

Jackie Hern for the ad voice-over.

Justin Robert Young for the newbie special guest!

Bonus Episode: Herobrine’s Mansion w/ Justin Robert Young


5 Responses to “Episode 19: Craft On!”
  1. Nathan

    Hey CHAD,
    I was wondering if u could do an episode on like ideas for things to make in creative mode u know small yet cool looking-ish.
    Ur the best

  2. Nathan

    PS have the viewers email u and pick a couple as a tutorial of the week
    PPS it could be called “Chad haz an idea”
    Ur the man


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