Course: Beginner’s Guide


Course: Beginner’s Guide, Intro

So you want to get into Minecraft!? But don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

Course: Beginner’s Guide, Creating a World

We will be signing up for a Minecraft premium account, creating a new world and going through the World Generation options to start your exploration.

Course: Beginner’s Guide, Crafting Tools

You’ll learn how to move, place and break items, and even how to make your own items with crafting.

Course: Beginner’s Guide, Staying Alive

Let’s learn about health, hunger, and food and why these three factors are important to care for and look after.

Course: Beginner’s Guide, Mining

Learn how to get started minng and gathering materials to create more items which help you survive off the land.

Course: Beginner’s Guide, Home

In this video, we’ll take the materials and blocks you’ve gathered to make yourself a home.

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  1. penelope

    Hi Chad! I’m just starting minecraft on peacefull and creative so I don’t have to worry about dieing. I will send you a video soon!


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