Course: Redstone basics


Course: Redstone basics, Intro

In this course we are going to talk about the in-game wiring system, Redstone! This stuff can get complex quick. OMGcraft is here to simplify it. Let’s learn some redstone.

Course: Redstone basics, Behaviors

Now it’s time to learn about the minimal bare bones of redstone. What is it and how do you power it? What are the basic funcitons you can do with it? Let me help you out.

Course: Redstone basics, Updating and Repeaters

Let’s learn all about timing. OMGcraft teach you about Minecraft’s unit of time, ticks, and how it is important when it comes to redstone.

Course: Redstone basics, Analog Functions

In the 1.5 redstone update, Mojang added some redstone components that act more in an analog fashion. These can be useful when creating smarter redstone creations that are able to look at specific quantities. It won’t be as hard to master as you think.

Course: Redstone basics, Gates

Logic gates are electronic switches and are used in billions of ways every day. You can make them in Minecraft with redstone, and I’m here to teach you some of the simple ones.

Course: Redstone basics, Real World Applications

Now that we’ve got the hardest of the basics out of the way, it’s time to put the pieces all together. Chad is going to show you some of the real world applications in which you can use redstone.

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  1. Gavin

    Can you help me to get a mod called Feed The Beast without completely messing up my computer? That would be awesome if you could possibly do that. :p

  2. Andrew

    Do you have the one world with all of the redstone creations do you have it for download?


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