Tip: Resize Your Minecraft Window


  1. Go to your minecraft folder
    Windows: %APPDATA%/.minecraft
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  2. Open up options.txt with your favourite text editor
  3. Search for overrideWidth and overrideHeight – this is not settable in game but can be changed within this file. This is where you’ll set your dimensions on how big you want Minecraft to open
  4. If you want to open Minecraft at 720p, the dimensions are 1280×720. If you want to open it at 1080p, the dimensions are 1920×1080.
  5. So now that you’ve got your dimensions set – everything should be fine and dandy – right? Not quite. Unfortunately, your operating system will add menus and borders around the game which means your game is actually smaller than the size that you set. For Mac, you need to add 22 pixels to the height. For PC, you’ll need to add 16 to width and 38 to height orĀ 1936×1113.
4 Responses to “Tip: Resize Your Minecraft Window”
  1. Travis Dixon

    You should do a pocket edition series
    Also I love the show yet sadly do not have minecraft only the pocket edition

  2. Kai

    Thank you this helped with my recording, much appreciated!

  3. Kai

    Thank you this helped with my recording, much appreciated!

  4. TenaciousEz

    When ever I do it it makes no difference, I’m using Minecraft 1.7.5. Also, I think I deleted the ofOverride thing, what is the exact name for that?


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