Special: 1.6 Minecraft Update


Under the hood

Updated LWJGL (game engine) Version
Minimum Java 6 (1.6)
OpenGL 2.0
New launcher which will help with the new Plug-in API
Resource Packs instead of texture packs, stores graphics and sound

Big – Mobs

To exit all rideable (mobs/carts/etc), must press LSHIFT

Ridable by right-clicking them
Taming: Just keep hopping on the horse until it likes you
Must use a saddle to control
Hold the jump key to fill up their jump bar, release it to jump accordingly, steer them by using the usual movement keys – maximum movement speed and jump height differ between horses. Have various amounts of maximum health, speed is related to health.
Can feed wheat to heal
Holding Shift + Right-clicking opens UI that can be used to access horse inventory (including chests for mules)
Can be fed to heal, or increase taming probability. For breeding either give wheat while riding or give golden apples”
Horse armor – Diamond, Gold, Iron. Found in randomly spawned chests
Leads (Leashes) – Right-click a mob to have it follow you, right click mob again to get the leash back or right-click fence to have the mob stay there. Can only be done for passive mobs, unless you use external editors
Name Tags – Found in randomly spawned chests, Rename using an anvil, then put on the mob

Zombies are more socialable – When you hit them, there’s a slight chance of spawning more of them

Big – Decorative

“Carpet – Crafted by 2 wool side by side
Light shines through (glowstone underneat), Hoppers can get items that are thrown on the carpet on it”
Hardened Clay – Smelt clay block in furnace
Stained Hardened Clay – Using colours on hardened clay will colour them!
Added /spreadplayers command
Added new gamerule for natural health regneration
Coal Block – can’t use charcoal

World generation

Chests can now generate in nether fortresses


Regional Difficulty – The longer you are in on area the harder it gets (only as in items, enchants, AI improvements)
Item Attributes system – Can be nbt-edited to have items change player’s attributes. Better tooltip explanations for some potions
Spiders can spawn with potion effects
Spawn eggs can be used on water
Balanced potions: Instant health 3 -> 2 hearts, 6 -> 4 hearts
Regeneration: Heals half as before
Respiration helmet helps see underwater
Changed texture for Lapis Lazuli block
Villagers now talk – m’yah see?
Natural health regen uses hunger/hunger saturation points (this is like sprinting takes more hunger than walking)
Golden apples need ignots instead of nuggets
Glistering Melon (used for health potions) need 8 gold nuggets
Golden Apples give 5 seconds of Regeneration II and 2 minutes of Absorption (+ 2 temporary hearts)
“Notch’s Apple” (made using gold blocks) gives 30 seconds of Regeneration, 2 minutes of Absorption and same resistances
Absorption hearts dissappear first, hearts re-appear every 30 seconds
Fixed receiving high amounts of damage at once causing ghost mode in multiplayer


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