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I get a lot of email asking me for tools on how to create your own custom maps. Of course, the answer is to go into Minecraft and to start building. But this has limitations and can take a long time.

MCEdit is a tool that would allow you to have a sketched out view of your world and can make large edits quickly instead of doing that silly block by block stuff in game. MCEdit can also do things that are incredibly difficult or impossible in game.

UI Basics

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You can find schematics from Plant Minecraft

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  1. Phillip kostin

    I dont know how to put 2 forge mods together so that they operate together. Im trying to have the flan mod and the animation mod work together so i can shoot animated zombies and make minecraft like a zombie horror game. Please help i tryed to put them in the same mod folder but it dont work please help. if u need any more information send an email please if its not possible just tell me ahead of time and if it works can you make a video on how to combine to mods together. btw both of these mods are 1.7.2 so im just wondering. also i would sub to you but i dont have a youtube channel so thats not possible 🙁 I hope you can help.

    Phillip A Minecraft Gamer and a fan of your youtube channel

  2. Phillip kostin

    alos i forgot to mention i could help you with the animation for your intro i can animate with mine imator but i do have school so i can do it on the weekends and again thats if you want to

  3. caelan

    hi i am frustrated i watched omgcraftts video on how to install mods and it really helped but all of my forges dont work except for 1.8 beta and i dont know how to install too many items for 1.8 or 1.8.1 if you can anyway i need help someone please help me i would appreciate it.

  4. Diamond_Creeper

    how to make a skin in minecraft 1.7.10 do you have 1.7.10


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