Tip: How To Mod Minecraft in 1.6 Mac And PC


  1. Run the latest launcher and download 1.6.2
  2. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft/versions
  3. Copy the directory named the current version and duplicate it. Rename it to whatever you want. (eg 1.6.2.superawesome.mod)
  4. Enter new directory and rename the jar and json files to match the directory.
  5. Open the json file in your preferred text editing program and change:
    “id”: “1.6.2”,
    “id”: “(folder name)“,
  6. Open up minecraft.jar with a zip editor (eg. 7zip).
  7. Drag and drop the necessary files into the jar.
  8. Delete the META-INF folder in the jar.
  9. Run Minecraft, enjoy!


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2 Responses to “Tip: How To Mod Minecraft in 1.6 Mac And PC”
  1. Nancy Engebretson

    This is Boden’s grandmother trying to learn how to do Mods for Minecraft so I can teach him how to do it. I downloaded 7-zip and got a toolbar that I had to get rid of. Now when I try to download the death chest, it wants me to download a livid download manager. Do I have to get that to get the death chest mod?

    If he is going to do this, I would like him to be able to do it without loading his computer with junk.

    • t2t2

      No, a lot of the minecraft mod authors unfortunately put their downloads behind adfly “watch an ad for 5 seconds and then find a link to skip the ad” crap, and the shady advertisers take the chance to fool users (sigh)

      For death chest mod, there’s a link “Download (Direct)” that skips this crap. For other mods, I must say ad-block and a ads skipper addon (eg. the userscript http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/118033 ) are a must 🙁


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