Tip: Game Rules


Gamerule Effect
commandBlockOutput Enables/disables text output of command block commands to console
doDaylightCycle Enables/disables day/night cycle
doFireTick Enables/disables fire updates (no fire spread or dissipation)
doMobLoot Enables/disables mob drops
doMobSpawning Enables/disables the spawning of mobs (with the exception of spawn eggs and mob spawners)
doTileDrops Enables/disables blocks dropping items when broken (includes TNT destroying blocks)
keepInventory Enables/disables keeping inventory on death
mobGriefing Enables/disables creepers, ghasts, and Wither blowing up blocks, endermen picking up blocks, zombies breaking doors, and certain mobs picking up weapons/armor
naturalRegeneration Allows/Disallows player to naturally regenerate health (if their hunger bar is high enough)

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