Tip: Chat Settings!


This tuesdays Tip is all about chat. If you are like me, you are in multiplayer servers a lot. So you use the in-game chat a lot. Most people don’t realize that you can change the chat. From it being on or off, how it looks, and behaves.

IN GAME – All of this funtionality is under the options, in multiplayer settings.
* Chat: Show, Commands Only, Hidden
* Colors: On, Off
* Web Links: On, Off
* Opacity
* Prompt on Link: On, Off
* Scale:
* Focused Height:
* Unfocused Height:
* Width
* Capes

One Response to “Tip: Chat Settings!”
  1. Vansh

    Hi, I was just wondering how you used command blocks to colour the messages being displayed in the chat.


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