Spotlight: WorldPainter

Want to handcraft your oceans and mountains? It’s time to start painting worlds.

Tip: 5 Quickfire tips!

1. Want large trees? Plant jungle tree saplings in a 2×2 pattern. 2. Craft your armour fast by right-click drawing it 3. Iron doors won’t be broken by zombies 4. Shooting an arrow at an endmerman makes it teleport away. … Continued

Spotlight: The Building Game

This map by SethBling is great for you and your friends to play on. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun that is The Building Game.

Spotlight: Inventory Tweaks

The inventory is killing me! I am spending hours making sure chests are organised too. No more with this great mod.

Tip: Chat Settings!

The biggest feature in minecraft that you always forget about? The chat! You use it everyday, learn how to command it!

Spotlight: Hide and Seek

It is the game everyone knows and loves, Hide and seek. Now in minecraft!