OMGcraft joining TWiT

Beginning April 1st, 2013, OMGcraft will join TWiT as an official show.

Vote for OMGcraft!

OMGcraft has been nominated for three different categories in the 2013 Chatrealm Podcast Awards, and Justin Robert Young’s appearance in Episode 19, Craft On!, has been nominated as well. You can vote once in each category every 24 hours, voting … Continued

OMGcraft Fan Art!

Here’s some awesome OMGcraft fan art sent in by Martin Anderson! (feat. cheeto, t2t2, and of course – OMGchad)   Click for full-size

Teaching Ron Richards about Minecraft

  After the October 15th episode of All About Android, Chad teaches Ron RichardsĀ all about Minecraft. (Also featuring Eileen Rivera)

OMGcraft on The Tech Guy

One of our viewers called into The Tech Guy and mentioned that his children watch OMGcraft!   From August: Check out OMGchad’s debut and OMGcraft plug on The Tech Guy:

Pony Pony Pony Pony

  Special thanks to @Jack_Y_Zhang for the compilation

Transition Weeks

Over the next few weeks the show will be moving from beta episodes to real episodes. For the the past two weeks my family has been in town, and all the time that I dedicated to OMGcraft was suddenly sucked … Continued

Welcome to

Welcome to the website for the new Minecraft show from the minds of OMGChad and friends. This is where you will be able to find all the latest episodes, show notes, links to subscribe to the OMGCRAFT show on any … Continued