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Beginning April 1st, 2013, OMGcraft will join TWiT as an official show. The show format will change to include short-form episodes released every Tuesday and Thursday, with course videos released the first of every month.

The Tip (Tuesdays, Weekly)

The Tip will be released weekly every Tuesday. Chad will show off a little known fact or technique about vanilla Minecraft. The tips are beginner tidbits that some players may know, but will surprise anyone.

The Spotlight (Thursdays, Weekly)

The Spotlight will be released weekly every Thursday. Chad will show off launchers, mods, maps, videos, servers, texture packs, etc. The Spotlight is more meaty than the Tip with enough time to explain behaviors and tricks with the spotlighted item.

Courses (Monthly)

Every month, course videos will be released. These videos will be long form tutorials that will be easily digested into multiple videos. The courses are structured to be searched and viewed out of context from the whole course.

OMGcraft Specials (Undetermined)

Occasionally, OMGcraft specials could be released. If Mojang makes a major iteration to the game, OMGcraft will release videos about it. Any special events, like PVP maps or Let’s Plays will be uploaded and published as an OMGcraft Special.



17 Responses to “OMGcraft joining TWiT”
  1. Richard

    My boys love Minecraft and are looking forward to this. Heard about it on AAA (love that too). Congratulations!

  2. Jake

    This is so cool! Real recognition for all the hard work Chad, Cheeto & crew have put into the show so far. Me and my Dad hang around the computer after homework to watch the show, but sometimes TWiCH runs to long, so maybe it will be more on time. And waiting to see the new set you guys are building. Thanks Chad and guys for doing this for us. Awesome!

    • Jake

      Congratulations Chad and Crew again!!!!!
      Love the new set and….
      Your #1 on iTunes News & Noteworthy section.
      All that work is paying off, you guys are “Rock’n It”
      and we’re spreading the word.
      Thanks guys 🙂

  3. Jason

    This is so Awesome. Chad, you and Paul Soares are my go to Minecraft guru’s. And I am a devoted TWiT fan so I am super excited for you that Leo brought you on as a regular show.

  4. Randy

    Looking forward to the new format!

    Any possible chance of a regular segment on Feed The Beast. I’m totally addicted to it and am looking for tips and tricks on really getting deep into the game.

  5. duuude

    like, dude.

    you see April 1st as the start date, what if this is an April 1st joke??

  6. Aeriestblueman2

    how could i spawn in a command block

  7. Julie Waite

    How did you get it and how did you buy it


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