How to Make Items That Can Be Picked up in Minecraft


Ever been in a map that allows you to pick up things? How do you make it so you can place items down in minecraft. We use minecraft commands to make this possible.

For command blocks:
/summon armor_stand ~.3 ~-1.9 ~.4 {Invisible:1b,Invulnerable:1b,NoBasePlate:1b,NoGravity:1b,ShowArms:1b,Rotation:[270f],Pose:{RightArm:[180f,0f,90f]}}

Non- command block:
/summon armor_stand ~.3 ~-1.4 ~.4 {Invisible:1b,Invulnerable:1b,NoBasePlate:1b,NoGravity:1b,ShowArms:1b,Rotation:[270f],Pose:{RightArm:[180f,0f,90f]}}

Command to remove Armor Stands:
/kill @e[type=ArmorStand,r=2]

Armor Stand Generator:

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