OMGcraft’s 5 Year Anniversary

Today, July 4, 2017, is the 5 year anniversary of OMGcraft.


On that first beta episode, I talked about modding and texture packs. I showed an overview of MC Patcher, Optifine, Sphax PureBDCraft, LEGOPAK, Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack, and CANDYCRAFT. I showed off some features in the latest snapshot at the time. I also spotlighted my favorite server, the late great I talked about a singleplayer map called Tenebrous Tales and a multiplayer map called The Walls. It was a jam-packed episode.


I had spent the prior weeks to that episode getting everything ready. I got Bill Meeks to make the video intro, album art, and theme music. Josh (who still works on the show today) made the logo. Blendermf and t2t2 created the amazing website you’re reading this on.


Thank you to all who have been involved over the years and to those who have watched! The show’s quite different now from when it started and I couldn’t be prouder!



Website mockup


Creation of the logo


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